John Henry Cardinal Newman


February 21, 1801 - August 11, 1890

Feast Day - October 9

Blessed John Henry Newman was a priest, writer, preacher, poet and theologian. In the beginning of his lifetime, he was an Anglican, but then became catholic in 1845. In 1847, he was ordained as a catholic priest. He wrote 40 books and 21,000 letters and was then named a cardinal in 1879. His death in 1890 did not end his legacy as the first Newman club opened three years later at the University of Pennsylvania. Now, his name lives on as many Newman clubs around nationwide in universities.


The Newman Catholic Community is an extension of the ministry of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Stockton.


As a welcoming and spiritually growing Catholic community, we invite others to join with us in supporting university education and sharing in the personal development of our campus community.  We come together for prayer, fellowship and service to our community as we explore and grow in our Catholic faith.




Sears Hall #218

3601 Pacific Avenue

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